Business Management (ASBM)

The objective of this program is to provide the graduate with business administration and management skills that will play a primary role in the efficient running of an organization. The graduate will have the business, decision-making and human relations skills for entry-level jobs that will lead to careers in management. This program provides the broader base of academic skills necessary to enhance his/her success in the business management field.

Curriculum 99.9 credit hours

Normal program length: 18 months (day) 24 months (night)

Course No. Subject Title Credit Hrs
ACD-101 Introduction to Accounting 4.8
ACD-114 Principles of Accounting I 4.8
CED-110 Critical Thinking 2.4
CED-303 Job Readiness – Resumes 2.4
CED-304 Job Readiness – Interviews 2.4
CED-600 Internship 6.0
CPT-101 Introduction to Computers 2.1
ENG-204/205 Business English I/II 4.8
ENG-304 Business Communications 4.8
MGT-101 Management – A Practical Introduction 4.8
MGT-204 Small Business Management 4.8
MGT-301 Marketing Management 4.8
MGT-404/405 Supervision I/II 4.8
MGT-503 Personal Finance 4.8
MGT-601 Human Resource Management 4.8
OPD-202 Office Procedures 4.8
Computer Courses 12.6
General Education 19.2

Students may substitute courses that meet the career objective with approval of the Dean of Academics.

Program revision and modification disclaimer:  In an effort to maintain up-to-date curriculum and coursework, the institution will revise program content on an ongoing basis.  These changes include but are not limited to: entire programs or courses and content within a course.  These improvements ultimately serve the student, ensuring our programs are current and in line with the needs of the professional community.